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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This year’s nominees for the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME have been announced.  They include Alice Cooper, Dr. John, The J. Geils Band, Donna Summer, Bon Jovi, Chic, Neil Diamond, Donovan, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Joe Tex, Tom Waits, Chuck Willis, The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J.  To be eligible, an act must have released its first recording at least 25 years ago, although actually being a rock and roll artist apparently isn’t required.


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Richest People In America

Bill Gates is still the richest man in America. Gates retains his top spot in this year’s Forbes 400 list with $54 billion, followed by Warren Buffett with $45 billion. The total worth of the Forbes 400 was up 8% to $1.37 trillion. More than half (217) are richer today than they were a year ago. Gainers include Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (No. 35), whose wealth increased 245%, the largest percentage increase of anyone on the list, and Diane Hendricks (No. 170), one of the 42 women on this year’s list. Other notable people on the list include Ralph Lauren (No. 60), Oprah Winfrey (No. 130), Mark Cuban (No.144), Meg Whitman (No. 332) and Barry Diller (No. 332). The Top 10 include:
$ Change From 2009:
1. Bill Gates
$54 billion
+ $4 billion 
2. Warren Buffett
$45 billion
Berkshire Hathaway
+ $5 billion 
3. Lawrence Ellison
$27 billion
4. Christy Walton & family
$24 billion
+ $2.5 billion 
5. Charles Koch
$21.5 billion
Manufacturing, energy
+ $5.5 billion 
5. David Koch
$21.5 billion
Manufacturing, energy
+ $5.5 billion 
7. Jim C. Walton
$20.1 billion
+ $ 500 million 
8. Alice Walton
$20 billion
+ $ 700 million 
9. S. Robson Walton
$19.7 billion
+ $ 700 million 
10. Michael Bloomberg
$18 billion
Bloomberg LP
+ $ 500 million 

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Nominees For Worst Ads Awards

Here’s an update to a story we told you about yesterday. Bad acting, loud spokespeople and irritating but infectious jingles are all attributes of the 30 ads that were nominated for’s first annual Worst Ad in America Awards. The nominees are divided among six categories and include obnoxious characters and cheesy celebrity endorsements. All nominations were based on readers’ submissions and the ads had to have aired this year. The winners will be announced on September 29th and will receive the “Fast-Forward” Award. The nominees include:
Absolute Worst Ad In America:
Honda – Mr. Opportunity – Paparazzi
Progressive – Flo Dishes Out Discounts
Quiznos – Singimals – Starring Kittens
Staples – Wow! That’s a Low Price! 
State Farm – Pocket Agent
Most Grating Performance By A Human:
1-800 Dentist – The last woman on Earth you’d want in the elevator with you
5-Hour Energy – Mr. “Do You Know What 2:30 Feels Like?”
McDonald’s – The “Not Until I’ve Had My Coffee” jerkface
Nationwide – The World’s Greatest Spokesperson In the World
Wendy’s – That “Pico De Gallo!” loudmouth
Most Annoying Animated Spokesthing:
Charmin – The Sticky-Bottomed Bears
Geico – The Squealing Piggy
Michelin – The Happy Roadkill Crew
Omnaris – The Scientists From the Uncanny Valley
The General Insurance – The General
Duo Or Group That Most Needs To Be Broken Up:
Capital One – Barbarians at the ATM
Chase – Screaming Newlyweds
Geico – Cavemen, Featuring the Deadliest Catch Cast
JG Wentworth – The Opera Singing Bus Riders
Toyota – The Sienna Couple
Celebrity Who Must Have Lost The Most Money In Housing Crash:
Dannon Activia – Jamie Lee Curtis
Dannon Light & Fit – Heidi Klum
Extenze – Jimmy Johnson – Ben Stein
Rent-A-Center – Troy Aikman & Hulk Hogan
Creepiest Commercial:
Allstate – Mr. Mayhem
Apple – iPhone 4 Facetime
Dodge – “Kittens”
Liberator Medical – No More Used Catheters
Old Navy – Super Modelquins

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25 Best Cocktail Bars In America

GQ has ranked the best cocktail bars in America. GQ traveled more than 30,000 miles, visited 21 cities and 102 bars and drank more than 400 cocktails before selecting Seattle’s Zig Zag Cafe as the No. 1 bar. At Zig Zag, “patrons come for the easy conversation and the drink-all-day coziness. Above all, though, they come for the cocktails of Murray Stenson. Murray is an extremely talented bartender superhero. In fact, he may be the country’s best,” according to the October issue of GQ. Here is GQ’s complete list of the best cocktail bars in America:
1. Zig Zag Café – Seattle
14. Rickhouse – San Francisco
2. Angel’s Share – New York
15. Anvil – Houston
3. The Violet Hour – Chicago
16. Arnaud’s French 75 – New Orleans
4. Clover Club – Brooklyn
17. Elixir – San Francisco
5. The Alembic – San Francisco
18. Columbia Room – Washington, D.C.
6. Death & Co – New York
19. Cole’s – Los Angeles
7. PDT – New York
20. The Whistler – Chicago
8. PX – Alexandria, VA
21. Drink – Boston
9. Comstock Saloon – San Francisco
22. Pegu Club – New York
10. Holeman & Finch – Atlanta
23. The Edison – Los Angeles
11. Tiki-ti – Los Angeles
24. The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. – Philadelphia
12. The Patterson House – Nashville
25. Needle and Thread – Seattle
13. Eastern Standard – Boston

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Katy Perry on Sesame Street

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JUSTIN BIEBER will make his acting debut on the season premiere of CSI on Thursday night, Here is a clip!

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Lindsay and Paris Gossip

It looks like LINDSAY LOHAN is headed back to the slammer.  Lindsay’s probation has been revoked and a bench warrant for her arrest was drawn up yesterday, although she’ll remain free until her hearing on Friday morning.  TMZ is saying that in addition to testing positive for cocaine, Lindsay’s other failed drug test showed amphetamines.  No details on that, but Adderall, the drug Lindsay was prescribed and hooked on, is an amphetamine.  As if Lindsay needed more bad news, is saying she’s broke and having a major cash flow problem.  Making matters worse, the suits behind her upcoming Marilyn Chambers biopic are said to be extremely P.O.’d, although the public line is that they’re standing by her.  The one bright spot for Lindsay is that she reached a settlement with E*Trade over that commercial in which they called a baby named Lindsay a “Milkaholic.” Lohan sued for $100 million and while settlement terms weren’t disclosed, Lindsay’s team is said to be “very happy.”

PARIS HILTON was in a Las Vegas court yesterday morning to plead guilty to charges of drug possession and obstructing an officer.  That obstructing part came from lying about the purse not being hers.  As was reported, Paris paid $2,000 in fines, and was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and complete an intensive substance abuse program.  Meanwhile, Paris is telling close friends she’s “over being a party girl” and wants to “trade in the club scene for a life at home” and that she’s using this experience to “finally grow up and become a responsible adult.” She also wants to spend time volunteering at animal shelters and focusing on her business empire.  Of course, we’ve heard this before, so we’ll wait and see.

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As you might guess, there was some behind the scenes drama at Sunday night’s MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS that we didn’t get to see.  First up was the opening skit with LINDSAY LOHAN and host CHELSEA HANDLER.  Chelsea had ridden Lindsay pretty hard on her talk show, so naturally Lohan was a bit apprehensive about doing the sketch until she consulted with her manager, who thought it would help rehab her image.  It turns out MTV was also a bit nervous and only signed off on it if Lindsay agreed to tape the segment instead of doing it live.  She agreed, but unfortunately MTV’s big surprise was ruined when Lindsay was seen with Chelsea at the Nokia Theater on Friday.  It turns out they also wanted Paris Hilton but, she too, had been skewered by Handler and was too scared to appear on the telecast!

Word is that TAYLOR SWIFT and KANYE WEST did meet up backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards to discuss last year’s incident.  The tabloids are saying that Taylor was terrified about performing the song she wrote about Kanye with him in the audience and that when he heard she was going to sing it; he wanted some face time to talk it over.  While those who supposedly know say they buried the hatchet, Taylor refused to appear onstage with Kanye at the end of the show despite urging from the MTV camp, Kanye’s reps and even Taylor’s own people.  As for Taylor’s actual performance, everyone has their opinion, but the MTV suits reportedly hated it.

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• Video of the Year: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Female Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Male Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Rock Video: “Kings and Queens,” 30 Seconds to Mars
• Pop Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Hip-Hop Video: “Not Afraid,” Eminem
• Collaboration: “Telephone,” Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé
• Dance Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Choreography: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Editing: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Direction: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
• Special Effects: “Uprising,” Muse
• Art Direction: “Dog Days Are Over,” Florence + the Machine
• Cinematography: “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

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BRITNEY SPEARS is being sued by a former bodyguard who’s coming up with some pretty wild accusations.  Fernando Flores is the guy’s name and he claims Britney had “vigorous sexual relations” in front of him and made unwanted sexual advances towards him.  He also said there was another occasion where Britney was wearing a white lace, see-through dress and intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor and bent over to retrieve it, exposing her uncovered privates to him.  He claims Britney then told him, “You know you like it,” although the lawsuit says, “The incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust.”  He also claims that Britney had loud sex in a hotel room with the kids present and once asked him for his belt and then used it to whip her kids.  The suit also claims she fed her two small sons crabmeat despite the fact that they’re allergic to seafood and when the boys started vomiting she prevented he and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for them. Britney’s lawyers say there’s no merit to the claims and Flores had previously gone to Child and Family Services with some or all of these claims, but they cleared Britney of any wrongdoing.

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